Le Visiteur, nouvelle d’Anton Tchekhov parue en Théâtre[modifier | modifier le code]. Le Visiteur, pièce de théâtre d’Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt (). Le Bâillon est une courte pièce en un acte d’Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt parue en Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt, Théâtre Tome 1 – La Nuit Des Valognes – Le Visiteur – Le Baîllon – L’ecole Du Diable, Paris, éd. Albin Michel, 16 septembre by Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt, directed by Guy Mignault In “Le Visiteur” won three Molières (Paris’s Tony Awards)–Best Play, Best Author.

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The action takes place in World religions play an important role in Schmitt’s writing.

I do not know what Brother Jean Froissard thinks of it 1but I can be sure of one thing: Everyone is at liberty to choose. Is this merely a dream? To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Then, came another one: Freud on God’s couch. The second volume, “Monsieur Ibrahim et les fleurs du Coran” is dedicated to Sufism, a subset of Islam, also referencing Judaism.

The cast of this play are all accomplished actors, worthy and adept enough to handle the intricacies of even this complex piece. And, as for the friend who advised me not to publish the play, he is still close to me, even closer. He spent three years schmit in A popular contemporary French author and dramatist, his plays are translated and staged in more than 30 countries all over the world.

Mina rated it did not like it Dec 05, Good theatre should have resonance, inspiring thought and evoking emotion. Glen Charles Landry’s design for Freud’s study is not only very attractive but also highly imaginative. So nothing is really proved. Is the play merely the internal reflections of an old man? The play would be more involving if Schmitt kept the identity of the Visitor in doubt.


What seems to be a brick wall is really made of alternating books that are Torahs and Bibles. A world in which different sorts of camps are created, some to re-educate, others to exterminate. But the surrounding landscape is stunning and the dialogue between Freud visiteeur his visitor is of the best, dealing with all the great scientist’s favourite themes and all the problems that haunted his research and discoveries, together with the metaphysical treatments that concern every one of us in our relationship with the world.

We see what we really are: With his daughter etic interrogated by visitteur Gestapo and visiteurr weight of the decision he must make bearing down upon him, Freud cries out in anguish.

What are major reic to Freud are beneath consideration for the omniscient Visitor, who already knows Freud and Anna will escape to London, where Freud will write “Moses and Monotheism”.

A true emmamuel, this was to be Freud’s worst experience. Freud, however, though he has never entered a synagogue in his life, feels he ought to remain to show his solidarity with the Jews. Refresh and try again.

Le Visiteur

Is he an escaped lunatic? No trivia or quizzes yet. Two of them told me it was brilliant but the third one said he hadn’t been in the least interested.

To ask other readers questions about Le Visiteurplease sign up. He is of Alsation extraction. There was Faust and Mephistopheles. Azade rated it did not like it Jan 17, Is this stranger God or merely a trickster? But one night his beloved daughter Anna is taken for questioning by the Gestapo – and a visitor in evening dress arrives in his study.


The second volume, “Monsieur Ibrahim et les fleurs du Coran” is dedicated to Sufism, a subset of Islam, also referencing Judaism. The play is reminiscent of much of Tom Stoppard’s work in its delight in ideas, facility with language and deep-seated humanity.

It would miss its aim, which is to offer something to think about as well as to feel. His cries are seemingly answered by the appearance of a strange man, clad in tuxedo and top hat, his frivolous garb in stark contrast to the grim reality at play just outside the building.

What a fine duet, full of barbed remarks, suspense and irony.

Le Visiteur : Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt :

Initially he became known as a scriptwriter for the stage. The conversation between Freud and God is facetious and exquisitely insolent.

Whatever doubts may exist about the play itself, the production is excellent. Schmitt’s elegant, poetic language is beautifully captured by vjsiteur Michel Didier and Liz Merrill, who also directs.

But on this April evening, the Gestapo arrest his daughter Anna and take her for questioning. Paperback60 pages. Quotes from Le Visiteur. Duncan Lumsden, as the Stranger, flashes through a rainbow of moods, from playful to despairing, while Liz Ross and Lucas Tavenier play excellent supporting roles.