merit badge pamphlets are paid for by the Boy Scouts of America in order to bring you the leathercraft supply company, a tannery, a leather goods or shoe. Camping Merit Badge Pamphlet pdf. Adobe Acrobat document Cooking Merit Badge Pamphlet pdf . Leather-work Merit Badge Leatherwork. Status: Elective. Created: Replaced: Leathercraft. BSA Advancement ID: Requirements revision: Latest pamphlet revision.

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Lacing and stitching 8.

Setting one leg at the mark for the center hole, make 2 more marks in each direction. Describe the safety precautions you will take and the tanning method that you used. The leather should be misted until it is no longer absorbed immediately.

The spirit based is similar to a paste wax while the water badgee is like a heavy liquid or light syrup. This should include items such as function, size, color, mechanical devices snaps, key hooks, rivets, etc. Leather is usually divided into nine 9 categories. As such, they have little or no penetration psmphlet the leather and so are subject to cracking when bent and scuffing when abraded.

These should not, however, impact the skills necessary for successful merut of the program. However, a conditioner should still be lightly applied because of the leather’s exposure to water during fabrication of the project. Where these occur, we have taken care to explain the reasons for the differences. These are easy to apply and easily cleaned up, lratherwork with soap and water. Then, while still damp friction is applied to the edge either with a “slicker” or a piece of scrap leather or coarse fabric like canvas.


This should be a full size paper or cardboard pattern that will show where you will make cuts, where the stitch or lacing lines will be, and a rough placement of the stamping pattern. Measure 5″ or 6″ beyond the center hole and scribe a line across the strip. Since the badbe of the carrier are more compatible with the oils in the leather, it is kinder to the project.

To present group leaders with the background information and basic skills necessary to enable them to guide their scouts efforts toward gaining the Leatherwork Merit Badge.

A faster method of tanning hides is the chrome tanning process.

Pattern Transfer and Cut Out One of the characteristics of vegetable tanned leather is the ability to readily and evenly absorb water. Discuss with your counselor the advantages or disadvantages of leather vs.

Here is the list. Report about it to your merit badge counselor.

Report on your visit to your counselor. If you are not wearing a belt, pull a tape measure snugly around your waist over the belt loops on your trousers. Art Explosion – Maestro! Setting Hardware – coming soon! This is easy to do, but takes practice to master. Tan the skin of a small animal.

Leatherwork – MeritBadgeDotOrg

It doesn’t take a lot of pressure, just speed. Arts and Crafts merit badges Merit badges Boy Scout requirements.

Tanning and Curing leatherwori and visiting a leather shop. This removes the excess antique from the surface area leaving a light shade while leaving a greater accumulation in recessed areas which will appear darker, giving the design a pleasing contrast. Describe the safety precautions you will take and the tanning method that you used. This underlying structure is what locks the leayherwork in place, so it must be damp.


They emrit, again on page 15, that cut out be done with a knife. Where leather comes from b. Vegetable tanning is a process where the prepared hides are soaked in a series of pits containing progressively weaker tanning solutions. The three most common type are described by their particular solvent. This makes a strong supple leather that is somewhat water resistant.


Once the edge has been rounded using the edger, the next step is to burnish the edge. It essentially give two shades of the same color. Clean up is done with soap and water. Contents 1 Leatherwork merit badge requirements 2 Notes 3 Requirement resources 4 Related awards 5 See also 6 External links. Moistening leather with the proper amount of water to be effectively tooled is called “casing” the leather. Edge Dressing To give the project a more finished appearance, the edge must be dressed properly.

This will prevent you from getting part way into the project and discovering that you don’t have a buckle, enough rivets, or the wrong stamping tool. From this line measure down the strip and make a mark for the belt size.