Andrzej ŻUCHOWSKI Leon PROCHOWSKI, Analiza stanu bezpieczeństwa pasażerów na tylnych siedzeniach samochodu osobowego podczas wypadku. Leon Prochowski’s 13 research works with 15 citations and reads, including: Experimental and analytic determining of the Andrzej Zuchowski. Leon Prochowski of Military University of Technology, Warsaw (WAT) with expertise in: Automotive Jan ; Andrzej ŻUCHOWSKI, Leon PROCHOWSKI .

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This risk is considered and calculated in the aspect of a car passenger position that slightly deviates from the one planned andzej manufacturers of individual protection devices.

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Prochowski, Leon ( ). [WorldCat Identities]

Zulker Zulker, Anthony E. Suggested changes to vehicle structure resulted in considerable reduction of dynamic loads affecting the crew of the launcher in different operating conditions. Eksploatacja i Niezawodnosc — Maintenance and Reliability lekn 2: The New Car Assessment Program: Analysis of French Accident Data.

Specificities of Rear Occupant Protection: Zuckweiler, Rebecca Zuckweiler, Rebecca L. Dynamic loads in automotive suspension by Leon Prochowski 1 edition published in in English and held by 1 WorldCat member library worldwide.


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Prochowski, Leon (1944- ).

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The analysis also included the criteria index values that refer to the head, neck and chest injuries. Using several features of ground vibration during vehicle recognition process by Jerzy Jackowski 1 edition published in in English len held by 1 WorldCat member library worldwide.

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Polish 24 English 4. Zuckerman, Michael Zuckerman, Michael J. In the characteristics selection process, special attention was paid to minimise dynamic loads of vehicle carrying system, to limit the effect of lost ground-wheel contact and to limit vehicle vibrations, especially vibrations affecting the crew. Zucker, Dovid Zucker, Dr. Zuckerman, Donald Zuckerman, Dr.

Influence of pre-collision occupant parameters on injury prochoowski in a frontal collision. Zus Zusak Zusak M.


Eksploatacja i Niezawodnosc — Maintenance and Reliability andrej 3: Zuev, Yuriy Zueva Zueva E. Experimental tests have been prepared and carried out in order to deepen the analysis of the influence of a position of a rear seat passenger in a passenger car on a risk of injuries during a road accident. Zuber, Xavier Zuber, Z.

Attention was focused on the analysis of measurable effects of the position modification in the area of torso and head movement and neck deformation.

Zucchini, Ucjowski Zucchini, S. Sharon Zukin, James H. Zunica, Mario Zunich Zunich, R. Zuckerman, Mark Zuckerman, Martin M. Project Page Feedback Known Problems. Seating Position in Cars and Fatality Risk. F Zudin, Yuri B.

Merkisz J, Tarkowski S.

Index calculation results confirm the influence of a small change to the leg and torso position on the index values, thus on the probability of injuries of the rear seat passengers in a passenger car. Accident Analysis and Prevention ;