Letraset 64 Letraset Digitek Letraset Dolmen Letraset Donaldson Hand. Discover ideas about Typography Books. Letraset Catalogue, (unknown date and designer). Such a simple visual concept that embodies the whole Letraset. The ITC Library OpenType Edition Catalog 4. Monotype . ITC Library. Belshaw, Nick;Meeks, Alan;Letraset, / (Newman, Bob).

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Log in or register to post comments. I’d love to see both the Letraset catalog and the Chartpak catalog online. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Found it when searching for Letraset to see if I could find any colour strips for the Color Tag system, which I still have!! There were foreign alphabets, too. I opted for the rather bland Helvetica bold. Letraset dry transfer lettering in That shows great dedication!

This site uses cookies. Repeat until your word is complete. Thanks for stopping by to comment. It is fascinating to see that Letraset are now big in the Manga market and hold very successful monthly manga art competitions online, for art drawn using their colouring pens and materials.

Letraset catalog

It has three pages of short embedded font samples the font names, mostly and 50 pages of full font samples all as outlines – Herb VB. Space age fonts from the Letraset catalogue.


Jelly and blancmange Never never again for dear old Ctenanthe Feathers three and fleur-de-lis Even when they removed that task from me, I was left with proofs to mark up. They began releasing many fonts in formats such as postscript.

Email required Address never made public. Image from a Letraset art sheet of – when smoking was clearly fashionable And in we caatalogue a Mac Plus… so we all kind of juggled the two the printouts from our Mac had very jagged text, which in itself was quite exciting and I used it for some projects.

Letraset catalog | Typophile

I did find the sanskritweb PDF, but as you are probably aware, it doesn’t show the full founts. Anyway, it needs to be done before I spill coffee all over it, letrsset in my old age, involuntary dribbling starts occurring. You are commenting using your WordPress. For instance, I discovered during one ‘hunt’, that a font named PALANA by Alan Withers, has never to my knowledge been digitised, plus there are some subtle differences in other cuts as well You are commenting using your Twitter account.

I was at university at the time and I have to admit I mostly used the catalogue as a source book for drawing my own fonts in pen and ink — badly, no doubt, as I am not a natural artist. Ahh … the days of X-acto knives, Rubylith and rolls of 1-point tape.


In my job as a graphic designer it was interesting to see us move from the big drawing boards to the Macs — slowly! I still treasure a Letraset catalogue from Notify me of new comments via email. Just a few of the special Letragraphica fonts from Letraset in I have a copy or two of the Letraset catalog from the mid to late fojt somewhere in my archives.

Design icons: Letraset | The Squirrelbasket

According to WikipediaLetraset naturally saw a decline in sales of these materials in the s so moved into the desktop publishing industry with software packages for Mac such as ImageStudio and ColorStudio. Then I went to check and found it had been right the first time, so he kindly rearranged it again.

But my Apple ColorOne Scanner is almost as old as the catalogs themselves. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.