Liam Montier’s Essential Card Magic Toolbox by Big Blind Media (8 DVD set) – DVD ‘The Essential Card Magic Toolbox’ is the ultimate resource for mastering. The latest Tweets from Liam Montier (@liamtricktastic). I am a magician and creator of magic from England. England. Forcing a card – Making your spectator take the card that YOU want them to! Being able to ‘force’ a playing card on a member of your audience is a very powerful.

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Liam Montier presents a stunning easy to do mentalist card trick based on a well known short story by Roald Dahl, called “The wonderful world of Henry Sugar”.

Liam Montier Magic Tricks

If your spectator’s believe the cards are being mixed, whilst all the time you retain control of their order – then you can perform true It is available from: This card is shown to a second spectator who mentally comes up with a totally different card from the first. First up, all of these tricks are EASY – well in the reach of anyone who has done a few cards tricks before!

A self-working, any card named and spelled to? Wherever the spectator calls stop, the performer shows the next three cards. Rich Morrell The Magician Blog. The original PDF returns. This is a very practical and workable method for the moving ink motnier.

Browse Magic Tricks We are not like other magic shops: Just really good thinking that moniter with me the same way Liam does. One for himself and one for his friend. This thing is so squeaky clean that you can happily let your spectato. The selected card is tabled face down.


Magic Tricks

The spectator selects a card and remembers it. Neither is a selection. The card above it is turned over to keep track of where the selection is at all times. They are the corner stones of great magic. The Double Turnover most usually referred to as a double lift is perhaps the single most essential move in all of card liwm.

You can do it all with Luck of the Draw. Liam Montier returns with a brand new collection of astonishing tricks, all done with a regular deck and basic card magic knowledge. This is one of my favorites from the book.

Master this one simple technique and. All of the required gaff cards come free with the DVD. Feel free to contact us. View our magic tricks index. Each of the seven tricks featured is a real The effect is you remove the jokers and put them in the montuer box. But then you show the backs – to make it UBER See a site map.

This is something else Jontier believe Liam is very good at. Neither is one the selections. None of these tricks require sleight of This is immediately repeated with the second selection. It all uses regular cards aside from Staple Diet lixm just regular card moves.


I am away from my computer where that information is kept haha Madison. All with NO moves or sleight of hand. The spectator and performer play an montler game leaving one card on the table—the spectators selected card.

This is obviously a unique take montie the Hofsinzer Ace problem. Sep 10, Instantly, the performer accurately names the correct card. Who are Vanishing Inc. Good work on this one. Svengali Pack – but improved.

Find Out how to pay. It’s just my least favourite. A self working miracle. The top card of the first pile is shown. This will hit them right between the eyes. This booklet has it all – from visual routines to the purely baffling, with detailed instructions on how to make the gimmicks required for the 8 killer ideas that you will be performing in no lia

More Info Add to Cart. You then have the deck shuffled. The first selection is found at that exact location. I agree with your point about Ryan Schultz, also, and that is a connection I had made as well after seeing something of his on Reel Magic. I think I liked Biddle Print more than you – and especially the little wrinkle on the Biddle Steal which I hadn’t come across before.