Encuentra The Oera Linda Book from a Manuscript of the Thirteenth Century. the Original de Oera Linda Bok (Autor) . Me gustaría leer este libro en Kindle. Chronological list of Oera Linda translations (known to me) A. Soldani, Italian, Oera Linda il libro, pagine di storia dimenticate, web-only. The Oera Linda Book is a controversial Frisian manuscript covering historical, mythological, and religious themes that first came to light in the 19th century.

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Ti ringraziamo per il feedback. History of the Third Emperor of Rome. But even the latter do not insist on its being the work of a modern fabricator. Blavatsky to develop her own, much more elaborate ideas on the subject, as outlined in ” The Secret Doctrine ” Contents 1 History of reception 1.

Among those who doubt the book’s authenticity, the most popular candidates for the author of the manuscript are Cornelis Over de Linden or Eelco Verwijs. Verwijs rejected the manuscript, but in Jan Gerhardus Ottema —a prominent member of the Frisian Society for History and Culture, published a Dutch translation.

Productos Reacondicionados Precios bajos en productos revisados por Amazon. The public defeat of Himmler’s scholarly brand of “esoteric Nordicism” resulted in the foundation of Ahnenerbe, which attracted occultists such as Karl Maria Wiligut and was viewed with suspicion by the mainstream National Socialist ideologues of Amt Rosenberg.


This skepticism has not prevented the book from being a source of inspiration for a number of occultists, speculative historians, and political parties during the century or more since its emergence.

Possibly the same deity as Nerthus, mentioned by Tacitus in Ch. Among academics in Germanic philologythe document is widely considered to be a hoax or forgery.

Amazon Business Servicio para clientes de empresa. Themes Themes running through the Oera Linda Book include catastrophismnationalismmatriarchyand mythology. They spanned a period that covered from around BC to AD.

Oera Linda Book

From a Manuscript of the Thirteenth Century first came to the attention of scholars in the mid nineteenth century, and the controversy it caused is still sending out ripples today.

The Knights of St. Hai inviato la seguente valutazione e recensione. It purports to cover historical, mythological, and religious themes of remote antiquity, compiled between BC and AD Look at other dictionaries: The text was nevertheless a source of inspiration for a number of occultists and speculative historians.

Stukeley observes, that the patronymic of Jesus Christ was Panther; and that Panther were the nurses and bringers up of Bacchus; and adds, “‘Tis remarkable that Panther was the sirname of Joseph’s family, our El libro de oera linda foster-father. He made more mistakes, like with “WR. About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds of thousands of rare and classic books. Its creators felt unable to admit that they had written it, and it became the foundation for a new belief.

Amazon Second Chance Donar, intercambiar, dar una segunda vida. Over the next few years there was a heated public controversy, but by it was universally accepted that the text was a recent composition.


F R Y A ~ S K É D N I S E: Inventory of earlier Oera Linda translations

The Oera Linda Book. Continuing to use this site, you agree with this. Indeed there is no proof that Frisland was the Aldland of the Fryas, but the name does suggest a connection. The Lives of the Twelve Caesars. Its creators felt unable to admit that they had written it, and it became the foundation for new occult beliefs. The last two sections of the Oera Linda Book, the writings of Konered and Beden, contain a number of lacunae ; indeed, the book itself breaks off in mid-sentence.

Themes running through the Oera Linda Book include catastrophismnationalismmatriarchyand mythology. Gustav Neckel had praised Wirth’s work before publication, but upon seeing its content published a dismayed recension.

The text alleges that Oear and other lands were, for a large part of their history, ruled by a succession of folk-mothers presiding over a hierarchical order of celibate priestesses dedicated to the goddess Fryadaughter of the creator god Wr-alda and Jrtha, the earth mother. The authenticity of the book is supported by at least some Neo-Nazi groups, possibly because it indicates a Northern European origin for several Middle Eastern civilisations.