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Chatlotte out and buy yourself a World’s Greatest Mom coffee mug and a 1 Dad t-shirt; you deserve it. Deliberate search for the exact opposite, really. Not that it was particularly riveting, or absorbing – it was just really easy to read.

It’s in it’s own complete different world. The reviews in the book itself hint that this is some kind of feminist manifesto.

You cannot help but sympathise with Helen’s family predicament. I can completely understand that this is a book that you would either love or hate and to most peoples tastes, it would most probably be too unsettling to read and I admit that it was very repulsive. She stops short of coprophagia, even though she is c We compulsively hide from one another the tiny disgusting things our bodies continuously do, as if we aren’t bags of blood and mucous and decomposing food and fecal material.

Charlotte Roche

She spends much of the novel trying to bring her divorced parents back together, while struggling to reconcile herself to an horrifying childhood incident: I finally understood the blurb on the front that compared this novel to ‘Catcher in the Rye’. Humeas one point, Helen the heroine decides ljbro it is a charlottte idea to take some sips from a water bottle and then spit all of it back into the bottle, and then offer a glass of this spit-water to one of her nurses.


You will not want anything to enter your body in any capacity while you are reading this book. Feminismo que no veo en lado alguno. I have got to say that the review was very accurate as I couldn’t help but feel sick to my stomach while reading the story.

humsdas She becomes a rather endearing person, as she reflects on her loveless family life and concocts a plan to get her estranged parents together. There are some okay, quite a few scenes that I am too horrified to visualize, let alone recant here, but here is a fairly modest one to give you all an idea of the gross-out level. Frankly, though, there are books out there that do a much better job of these things.

Charlotte Roche – Read his/her books online

Jul 07, tee rated it really liked it Shelves: And she has a crush on a nurse that begins when she asks him to photograph her wound after surgery. Ten years ago, when this book was first published, everyone was talking about it. There really is no way that I can describe to you the lengths to which the 18 year-old Helen will to prove that she understands – and thus enjoys- sex far better than anyone who preceded her on this earth.

But I think that the author could have done even more with the content. Es wurde verrissen, missverstanden, in den Himmel gelobt und als Befreiungsschlag gefeiert. To ask other readers questions about Feuchtgebieteplease sign up. A decade later, I felt ready to find out for myself. The juices of the female body. I can’t say I liked this book, I can’t even say I hated it.

Perhaps Roche never intended to use the word “pussy” upward of 50 times: In Germany, Feuchtgebiete caused a huge hype when it first came out and was hailed by some — most of all, by Charlotte Roche herself — as the arrival of a new generation of feminists, but more or less ferociously criticised by others. If her not-great childhood and rather cold mother is supposed to have led to Helen’s mania for her own fluids and germs, I’m not sure how To distract herself, the precocious teen begins to explore her body, recounting her sexual encounters and ruminate on her parents’ divorce.


Easy to read, with some interesting ideas that deserve to be discussed, and which, because they are presented to us by a not entirely functional teenage girl, can’t be viewed as dogmatic assertions, despite how she herself may present them.

This eventually leads Helen to sterilize herself as a late teen and nearly kill herself in an attempt to stay in the hospital long enough to bring her parents back together.


This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. The whole story takes place in the hospital, where Helen is being treated for an humecas ailment.

How women needed this wake up call, this it’s-okay-to-talk-about-this. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Whether you see Helen as a liberated free spirit or a messed up sicko will depend on how, or whether, you see the connection betwee Yes, it made me feel a bit queasy at times, and Helen, our main protagonist, also did my head in sometimes with her ‘grown up’ thinking, but this was still a refreshing read.

There followed a period where she undertook anything that would shock and offend people — self mutilation in order to paint with blood, drug experiments, or shaving her head. Originally I wanted to write a non-fiction book. Only after one has “conquered” the first part of the book does the writing become more fluid and enjoyable.

But people arguing in its defense claimed that that was the point: Not necessarily in that order. In my opinion, a more likely comparison is a gross-out version of Girl, Interrupted.