This didn’t just happen. In Life Inc., award-winning writer, documentary filmmaker, and scholar Douglas Rushkoff traces how corporations went from a. Now includes “The Life Inc. Guide to Reclaiming the Value You Create” In Life Inc , award-winning writer Douglas Rushkoff traces how corporations. Life Inc. is as fluent and well-researched as any of his books – but its target is too large, and too badly constructed to help us much. In a heaving.

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The Meaning of “Life Inc.”–a Conversation With Author Douglas Rushkoff

Hardcoverpages. And, because they were designed to draw wealth from the center, they continue to have that effect. The emperor controlled gold coinage but local currencies were used all over the empire. There are many good bits to the book. Property value, of course, is a pretty abstract concept. From there, he spends a great deal of the book talking about the rise of public relations and consolidation of corporate power that became intrinsically linked with the interests and policies of national governments.

Overall, the book is pretty humourless and annoyingly earnest. Close to home, though, they didn’t see much use. He lays out the case that there is a problem, and offers a compelling analysis that the economy is structured in such a way that only corporations can ind.

rrushkoff Railroad barons and real estate speculators realise the synergistic nature of transport and property. A lot of mental gymnastics, all so as to avoid any responsibility for your actions. While accounting terms are complex, if you are going to make major arguments about how double-entry accounting moved us into the world of corporate dominance, at least make sure you are using terms properly!!


When we not only have holding companies controlling holding companies, as in the run-up to the Depression, but we have outsourcing companies outsourcing some of their own outsourcing, we should look carefully at the corporate “patriotism” of buying from American-owned companies, too, Rushkoff says. During the past 40 years, corporations have insinuated themselves into every aspect of American life and bought undue influence in Congress and state legislatures. Rushkoff beings the book with an anecdote: If you do move past despair, then eerily or perhaps not-at-all-coincidentallyyou will experience the self-preservation phase shortly before reading about it.

With this as a precedent, money rushkkff equivalent to speech, so corporations could obtain their 1st Amendment right to free speech by spending money.

We were told the perfect society is one we could own a stake in, through owning a home and a car and our own piece of suburban perfection. To me, a great deal of this history was a rehash rushkodf the most excellent documentary series The Century of the Self The full series can be found on Google Video. Ultimately, he aims to show how corporations are alternatively self-reinforcing and, occasionally, self-defeating, but how our short-sightedness has allowed them to gain more power than they should have.

As I say, the analysis is compelling–and the recommendations are compelling dougas well, even if it’s a bit daunting to see a path to following them.

The solution is, whether in cyberspace or meatspace, to examine the messages we’re being given and why, and act accordingly. Mar 06, Aron rated it did not like it. I suppose this serves as a reminder as to why I avoid non-fiction written by professional advocates with no background in their topic.

I probably would have given this four stars except that my hunch is that Rushkoff plays a little fast and loose with the facts.


Rushkoff takes the corporation and holds it up to scrutiny. He talks about being hired as a consultant by a company that called itself a major American television manufacturer–except that the TVs were outsourced to Korean manufacturers, the design to a design firm in San Francisco, the marketing to a New York agency, and fulfillment and delivery to a major shipping company.

Life Inc.: How the World Became a Corporation and How to Take it Back

Apple Audible downpour eMusic audiobooks. They had outsourced their outsourcing to another company in China. The thing is, people aren’t corporations. From there, he factors in the rise of individualism in the twentieth-century. Instead of working with one another to create value for our communities, we work against one another to help corporations extract money from our communities.

This criticism may sound pedantic. His quote defining a CEO: Yet FDR somehow managed to make changes which in fact helped millions of people and saved our collective butts in this latest crisis, depite 70 years of concerted effort to roll back all his reforms.

As we all know or do we? By eliminating any possibility of allegiance between employeesthe store ensures dougkas any loyalty will be paid upwards instead. This means America learning how to do something instead of simply outsourcing and creating debt. Were the brands getting their chow from the plant in China responsible for the tainted food? Rushkoff was jarred into this revelation after being mugged outside his home and being told by neighbors to k Those who control history control the future and in Life Inc.