LOGIX si OVERVIEW. The Logix si is a two-wire, mA input digital valve positioner. The Logix si positioner controls single-acting actuators with . Mounting of the Logix si Positioner on a Linear Pneumatic Actuator. ( NAMUR / IEC document describes the setting and use of the Logix si. Available Logix + Models. Part of the versatile Logix positioner series the Logix + and Logix + digital positioners fulfill the ever growing.

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Current source stripping filtering HART signal 1. Logix si Status Condition Codes Colors Identifier Indication and resolution Y – – – Any sequence starting with a yellow light indicates that the unit is in a special calibration or test mode, or that there olgix a calibration problem. Between actuator and valve there are moving parts.

This setting provides for optimum response times when used with most low friction control valves. Ensure proper wiring and shielding techniques of the control lines, and route control lines away from electromagnetic sources that may cause unwanted noise.

Adjust inner-loop and see if proper control 1. While the calibration is in pro- gress you will notice a series of different lights flashing indicating the calibration progress. Before placing the unit in service, set the dipswitches in the Configuration loglx Cal boxes to the desired control options. The Logix si digital positioner can be equipped with an additional limit lgoix unit. During the Quick-Cal operation the valve may stroke unexpectedly.

With an operating pressure of more than 6 bar psia reducing regulator is required. Wiring and grounding guidelines Hall sensor upper position – Check to make sure the air supply is connected.


Now press both Jog buttons simultaneously to proceed to the next step.

Figure 8 The Logix si digital positioner has been designed to operate correctly in electromagnetic EM fields found in typical industrial environments.

For units installed in Hazardous areas special installation caution and procedure is required. This is the recomended setting. Lower proportional gain settings 25 To set these parameters please refer to the appropriate communications tool lohix.

Logix 510si-15-Y2DSE-00F0 (Flowserve)

Wiring The voltage 12,5 V is greater than the required 6. Check internal data to verify correct settings. Custom Actuator Request Form. Cycle limit – The cycle limit set by the user has been exceeded.

The grounding screw, located inside the positioner cover, should be used 510ei provide the unit with an adequate and reliable earth ground reference. Press the simultaneously to put the unit back inoperation. Digital Positioners – Apex Install cam assembly 4 and secure with screws. Digital command mode – The analog mA input signal is ignored in this mode and a handheld or Flowserve supplied software is needed to change the position command. Adjust the actuator to mid-stroke. Mounting the Follower Arm Figures 3 and 6 1.

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Fit and check O-rings and positioner to actuator 5100si secure with 2 x screws 3. Stroke the actuator carefully and ensure the follower arm does not interfere with valve parts, actuator or positioner. JOG Control Mode – the unit has been placed in a local override mode where the valve can only be stroked using the two local jog buttons.


Control tuning parameters not correct 3.


Feedback no-motion during calibration – Indicates that there was no motion of the actuator based on the current stroking time configuration. The pneumatic amplifier controls the airflow to the actuator.

Tighten screws on the cam assembly. Unscrew the lock nut for the follower arm attachment. Signature test in progress – This is a test initiated by Flowserve supplied software that can only be cancelled by that software. Lgoix 3 LEDs on the local user interface.

When the valve actuator is at the desired position. Note loggix factory reset is the only method to reset the command back to analog control mode from the local interface if a PC or handheld configurator is not available.

The complete configuration can be made by DIP switches on the device. Based on proven digital technology, it features a large, high-performance spool valve controlled by a unique intelligent control algorithm.

It can stand alone or be integrated into a system, and is available for a variety of applications including oil and gas, chemical, paper, mining, industrial gases and power generation.

When installing Logix si intrinsically safe, always consider the information on page The control algorithm in the processor performs control calculations and produces an output command to the piezo valve, which drives the pneumatic amplifier. For cable runs longer than this, No.