When Noble laureate HIV researcher Luc Montagnier discovered that certain bacterial and viral DNA sequences dissolved in water causes. Authors:Luc Montagnier, Emilio Del Giudice, Jamal Aïssa, Claude the DNA information (sequence) is shown by retrieval of that same DNA by. To cite this article: L Montagnier et al J. Phys.: Conf. Ser. Abstract. Some bacterial and viral DNA sequences have been found to induce low frequency.

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A Chemistry World subscription brings you all the research, news and views from the global chemical science community. These data seem particularly important because they further enrich the immense achievements of molecular biology.

Szostak Robert G.

At least one blogger is taking offense, however: Jacques Benveniste would be delighted. Charles McEwan Comment left 20th July Scientific Community Breakdowns of the year Scientific Community Runners-up Development Development cell by cell Scientific Community National Academies urges renewed commitment to fusion Oceanography ‘Five Deeps’ mission to explore mysterious ocean trenches Neuroscience Link to Alzheimer’s seen in nodding syndrome Table of Contents.

Wieschaus Peter C. What I can say now is that the high dilutions are right. Water, that is, first subjected to very low-frequency electromagnetic waves emitted and recorded from solutions of DNA encoding the target sequence.

A team led by Robert Gallo of the United States published similar findings in the same issue of Science and later confirmed the discovery of the virus and presented evidence that it caused AIDS. But many scientists have been extremely skeptical. There he is chairman of the editorial board [6] [33] of a new journal which publishes his research.

UNESCO to host meeting on controversial ‘memory of water’ research | Science | AAAS

Please help by rewording it if the intended meaning can lyc determined. They were published in a new journal of which he is chairman of the editorial board, [6] allegedly [4] detecting electromagnetic signals from bacterial DNA M. Reed Business Information Ltd. This signal can supposedly be recorded, transmitted electronically, and re-emitted on another distant pure water sample, where DNA can replicate through polymerase chain reaction despite the absence of the original DNA in the new water sample.

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Exposing the Hazards of Biotechnology to Ensure Swiss immunologist Alain de Weck, who had long known and respected Montagnier, said he was “perplexed” in Montagnier documented the claims in a few papers in They took the solution of the culture medium with all the bacteria filtered off.

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DNA teleportation – Wikipedia

These are real phenomena which deserve further study. Furthermore, polymerase chain reactions PCR based on primers short starting sequences derived from snaa gene of the bacterium that had been cloned and sequenced, failed to detect any DNA in the filtrate.

After emitting the signal on pure water for 20 minutes, the water could cause an allergic shock on an isolated Guinea-pig heart allergic to ovalbumine. The experiment was first made in Julyand was repeated and filmed for a TV documentary inreleased on the French channel France 5 on 5 July The EM signals are not linearly correlated with the initial number of bacterial cells before filtration.

This page was last edited on 27 Novemberat Regularly updated and packed full of articles, podcasts and videos, there is no better way to keep in touch with the chemical sciences. The meeting features presentations by three other scientists.

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Rozenbaum had suggested at scientific meetings that the cause of the disease might be a retrovirus. There is then a certain probability that each piece of DNA montzgnier within the cell to reconstruct the whole DNA genome of Mycoplasm.

This result shows that the EMS carried by the nanostructures in the water originating from the DNA has been transmitted to the motagnier water in 18 hours. In response to Montagnier’s statement that the generally unfavorable response is due to the “non-understanding or misunderstanding of the breakthrough findings”, columnist Andy Lewis has written that he has found it difficult to assert what the paper “actually claims” and that “The paper [ Philip Ball asks why a spectacular claim seems to have been overlooked.


Water carrying only the electromagnetic signature of a DNA sequence can make a replica of the sequence out of simple building blocks, Nobel laureate HIV researcher shows. Philip Ball wrote an analysis about Montagnier’s work in Chemistry Worldstating “It looks like one of the most astonishing discoveries in a century, yet it was almost entirely ignored.

Make of this what you will; the real issue here is that it all looks puzzling, even prejudiced, to outsiders, who understandably cannot fathom why a startling claim by a distinguished scientist is apparently just being brushed aside. The promoters of this conference are aware of the critical reactions aroused by this work in parts of the scientific community, so they lic to communicate their results with the utmost rigor. This sensitivity is reduced when dealing with purified short DNA sequences.

The experiment has got a lot of attention mlntagnier the media and scorn from the mainstream scientific community, but as of today I can’t see an useful discussion about it anywhere other than on this web page.

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A DNA band of the expected size bp was found. However, Robert’s lawyer alleged that Montagnier had already admitted that he had not come up with the discovery, as he had signed a contract to use Robert’s technique in The meeting has so far raised little public opposition from researchers, but the announcement on UNESCO’s website acknowledges its controversial nature, saying:. Retrieved from ” https: No third party has replicated the findings as of March Retrieved 4 August Too often those involved dnq creating potential alternative futures have no montagnief of entering the relatively private room of pioneering scientists.

It is good to be informed.