Wow. In , George Lucus gathered together Steven Spielberg and screenwriter Lawrence Kasdan to go over ideas for a film Lucas had. READ >> RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK Story Conference Transcript () George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, Larry Kasdan. “Now, several. TriviaGeorge Lucas, Steven Spielberg and Lawrence Kasdan’s check out these transcripts of Spielberg and Lucas brainstorming the original.

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He has a pistol, and he’s probably very good at that, but at the same time he happens to be very good with a bullwhip. I read these transcripts awhile back and it just made me depressed because it brought back memories of how awful Crystal Skull was.

How Lucas, Spielberg & Kasdan Created ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’

Don’t worry, it’s a reasonable question already. S — You know what it could be. You can also find a copy of the revised third draft of the Raiders screenplay dated August online. While reading the transcript, you almost feel that this sequence is vital to the story — how could it not be included? Together, along with the movie version of Raiders of the Lost Arkslielberg have kqsdan resources as screenwriters to discover how the story came to life.

Kudos and keep swinging that hammer. Sign up to my mailing list for updates on events, books and free film making tools. Although Lucas does much of the talking, Spielberg chimes in every once in a while, and during their conversation about the final moments of Indy escaping the spirlberg cave in the opening, he offers up this gem: We can play it where he’s sort of explaining some of it to the Army officer or something.

Only later when the trio spitball the discovery of the Ark and their hero getting trapped underground do they come up with Indy’s fear spielbwrg snakes. Looking at that discussion you had, everyone is referencing the things that are so important to that, and the things they love. My initial response to them was that they were infinitely complex, lucaas one image from Lawrence of Arabiasay, conveys so many ideas.

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Anthony Hopkins spiwlberg his films ends Jan He’s going into the jungle carrying his gun. G — If we don’t make him vulnerable, he’s got no problems.

Lucas also knew exactly what this character looked like, how he dressed, and what made him unique:.

Seriously, I learn a ton on this site from my fellow writers and am grateful for their insights. I have a great idea.

Transcript from the Spielberg, Lucas and Kasdan ‘Raiders’ story conference

Dobbs was an outright psychopathic beggar while Bob Curtin wasn’t in a much better shape himself. He hears this, grabs the thing, comes to a corridor.

The “Temple of Doom” was pretty mediocre as well. Listening to AFF’s Kasdan podcast reminded me of the extensive transcripts of the story meetings that George Lucas, Steven Spielberg and Kasdan had in to flesh out the character of Indiana Jones and beat out the story of Raiders. As the collaborators move on kassan outlining the story, the transcripts show that Lucas has very specific ideas about the set pieces, specifically the opening sequence.

How They Write A Script: Lawrence Kasdan

And you can see it all through their work He gets to outrun the boulder. He’s got to be afraid of something. Sign in Get started. If you would like help unsubscribing or being removed entirely from our systems, please drop us an email at privacy londonscreenwritersfestival.

The interview is over an hour long. G — Indiana Smith. The last time I was really doing drafts was when I was working for George Lucas. Sometimes, we create entire sequences that we believe are essential to our stories, but in the end need actually need to be cut to service the story. What could be a boring scene of exposition instead continues to reveal facets of our hero – his knowledge, his motivation — transcrkpt also hooking the audience to go on what we believe must be a wild adventure with Indiana Jones, thanks to that amazing opening sequence.


The Last Crusade was OK. Before diving into the transcripts, let’s set the stage. Family and friends may provide more cheerleading and random advice, than strong, objective critiques. The character’s name doesn’t emerge until much later in the story conferences, and someone doesn’t really like it. That fact that Raiders1 was rife with action and brief on the dialog also played to Spielberg’s strengths. Heroes can’t be infallible.

And it started with what do I love. I want a spislberg who can do these kind of things. Can you see your work in these two trailers? For more How They Write a Script articles, go here. Shot-by-shot comparison of “Raiders of the Lost Ark” vs. Reply Share Share this answer: Is there any version going around the internet that you might be able to link to?

The story conference transcripts also demonstrate how much work and effort goes into making the exposition scene at the university play in a way that doesn’t feel like exposition at all: Watch ‘Dreams On Spec’ here Has the authenticity of the Raiders story conference transcript ever been determined?