Full text of “M – Machine Gun Manual – TM ” . MB/MG – Designed as a tripod mounted or bipod supported machine gun for use by. The M, officially the Machine Gun, Caliber mm, M, is the US military designation for .. (×51mm NATO); Maximum effective range: 1, meters with tripod and T&E (the latest FM reads 1, m); Maximum range: 3, meters . MB, MM MACHINE GUN. JANUARY . *This publication supersedes FM , 29 February and FM ,. 26 January.

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The following provide an explanation of columns found in the tabular listings: Place safety to “S” safe, keep weapon pointed down range, and remain away from the weapon for 15 minutes. This measure is expressed by a two-character ,240b abbreviation e. Other request for this document shall be referred to: Check for broken grips, bent cable guide, loose nut and bolt, and chipped or cracked trigger housing holding lug.

A member of a U. Archived from the original on 1 November The bolt strips the round from the belt link. If there is a live round lodged in the barrel, the operator must immediately decide if the barrel is hot enough that there is a chance of it cooking off. Buttstock and Buffer Assembly.

Replacing the Driving Spring Rod M240v. This brings the blade to about the center. Push out spring pin as far as possible with the back or buffer. Ensure weapon is securely attached to the flex mount. Sear is stuck in housing. Latch will not hold buffer assembly in receiver. Push cleaning rod to remove case with weapon in mounted position. The gunner, after ensuring the barrel is secured to the receiver 2 to 7 clicks and the collar is secure, will reload and continue firing.


The front sight protector assembly should always be clamped between the heads of the two opposing screws. The items are listed in alphabetical sequence by item name under the type document i.

If the center of the shot group is still below the point of aim with the number 2 blade screwed all the way in clockwiseremove it and install a number 1 blade. Heat shield missing or broken so as to allow contact with metal MB only. The rearward movement forces the inner pawl to the right, fully feeding the round.

If the barrel is hot, use your m420b resistant mitten. WP Failure to feed Weapon stops firing. The gunner may adjust the gas regulator to maintain the rate of fire until he has a chance to clean the machine gun.

This adapter allows the gunner to use the round carton and bandoleer. Be sure to tag flash hider so it will remain with the barrel. The rate of fire of the M, ME1, and MC can be controlled by three different gas regulator settings.

Depress driving spring in; up; and out. It consists of a tripod head, one front leg and two rear legs, and traversing bar. Carbon deposits build up rapidly when blanks are fired.

This procedure brings the blade to about the center. Remember to remove excessive oil from the bore before firing.

With clamp positioned over slots in extension t, tighten until strap is snug against the mantlet. Open cover on receiver and place discriminator in feed tray with slot in discriminator over front lip of tray.

M machine gun – Wikipedia

A buildup of carbon inside the weapon causes friction between the movi00ng parts. The MD is an upgrade of the ME1, primarily in the addition of an optical rail on the receiver cover. Release lever to allow the adapter assembly to secure itself onto the button on the receiver. Send to DS maintenance. The MB machine guns ammunition are classified as follows:.


E – Fork Assembly MB.

Full text of “M – Machine Gun Manual – TM “

Instead of the operator using a cheek weld on the stock, the operator can now rest his face against the actual receiver of the machine gun, it also allows the operator to have a closer fit of the weapon.

Inspect the butt stock for cracks.

Depress the bipod retaining latch, while holding the bipod legs together to disengage them from the receiver Rotate the bipod legs down and release them so they lock in the vertical position. NOTE Proper trigger control is pulling the trigger fully to the rear and then releasing completely.

Replacing the Bolt and Operating Rod Assembly. Although the term “locking” is used here, in the MB, the bolt and barrel do not physically interlock.

Attaching the Ammunition Adapter. Check that the cocking handle operates the slide properly.

M240 machine gun

Notify unit maintenance as soon as possible if machine gun does not function properly. Then push down on the heat shield so that it snaps m2240b the barrel. Make sure front tabs snap into hole on hole bushing, then push down onto barrel.

The assistant gunner places the heat protective mitten on his right hand. Align the mounting hole 3 in trigger housing with hole in the flexible mount 4. This chapter describes the weapon and the types of ammunition in detail and provides a table of general data. Clean a ll other areas of operating rod, firing pin, a nd spring pin, w ith wiping rig item 7, WP Qui dampened with CLP item 4, WP 00 ] Lightly lubricate m24b cleaning.